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How Can You Work With Us?



Building your dream home includes a zillion decisions that should be creative and fun. From planning kitchens and multiple bathrooms to choosing windows, we make it easy. The team at Mimi & Hill will assist you in finalizing the interior trim, spatial layout, cabinetry/countertop, built-in options, lighting/electrical plan, consult with you on paint colors and any other construction finishes to build your dream home. We will establish and maintain a professional working relationship with your architect, contractor and any subcontractors including liaison with your kitchen craftsmen so you can focus on the joy of turning your dreams into reality. 


In our studio, we will work on a design layout that includes — cabinetry, hardware, lighting, window treatment, flooring/tile and accessories. We will create a computer generated design board as well as a CAD drawing to help you visualize your new spaces. This is especially important for bathrooms and kitchens where every inch matters. At presentation time, we layout tile, fabric and material samples/swatches as well as provide a spreadsheet of prices to keep your build focused, on budget and on time.


There will be a detailed schedule binder of all specifications and CAD drawings to be kept on site to direct all trades created by the team at Mimi & Hill. Our designers and construction managers will work with you as much or as little as you want. We will always be available to answer questions and/or stop by the house to advise on any construction decisions. We have the combined experience of 30 years working in the construction industry that we will bring to your project. This moves Mimi & Hill builds efficiently and cost effectively while getting the perfect end product: your dream home!


We love working with clients to create rooms that reflect their needs and support their lifestyles. Whether locally or remotely, we are confident that you will love the look we create for your home. Maybe you have just finished a renovation or you are looking for a room refresh? Perhaps your kiddo has outgrown their previous room and you are looking for a space that will last. Our complete furnishing and styling service will give you the completed look of which dreams are made. Our design includes all the furniture, rugs, lighting, wallpaper and finish options for the room. We do computer generated layouts that define the room and our choices to the inch. Ultimately, we do a final install day that is out of your HGTV watching dreams.


Our team has successfully installed properties worldwide. Our proudest foreign install was on the island of St. John where every last household item had to be arranged and delivered by container as the island has no retail shopping of its own. We have worked in Puerto Rico, Toronto, North Carolina, Chicago and Florida to name a few. Our digitized systems, spreadsheets and extreme organization makes these complicated installs a breeze. We secretly love the challenge and the design opportunities faraway locales provide.


With an eye on the future of design and an uncanny ability to divine the next long lasting trends, Mimi & Hill’s sensibilities in the luxury market are unparalleled and on point. We use our vision to create a property that appeals to the most discerning buyers or renters. We have decades of experience within the VRBO industry and were superhosts ourselves. Your investment can not afford to miss out on our experience.

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