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The project begins with a concept meeting where we meet the homeowner at their house and begin to dream big! From there, we invite the homeowners into our studio to explore our samples and begin to establish a design direction for their home. They are encouraged to become a part of the design process so the final project reflects them perfectly. We may put together a general board to coordinate with the architectural team if a team is in place.



With all that information, we get busy and work to create a look for the room. Our hours of research, showroom visits, CAD drawings and meetings culminate in a design board. The design board showcases all the furniture, rugs, lighting, wallpaper and finish options for the room. This allows the client to see all the pieces together to understand the careful balance curated by the Mimi & Hill team. 


Seeing all of the finishes together in one place helps the design come to life. We put all the pieces on a tray so the client can see how they all relate to each other and can touch the elements. Everything together really shows the feel of the room.



Making sure everything fits exactly in the room is important before any orders are placed. We create a scaled drawing of the room so that all the elements can be laid out and the scale is defined.


You're in love, how much does it cost? Every single item in the room is put into a spreadsheet so the client knows exactly how much the room will cost and how we made each decision. This element allows the client to view their costs and have complete control how the budget is being allocated. 



Once final decisions are made, we start the ordering process. Our product team, which includes our ordering specialist and project managers, take it from here; they place the orders with our vendors, coordinate any subcontractors needed, track shipping and delivery, and coordinate deliveries to our warehouse where they will unpack, inspect, assemble and store everythinguntil installation day. The M&H team will keep you up to date weekly so that you are always aware of timing and know when we are planning the big reveal – the day you've been waiting for!


This is when all the magic and excitement happens. Our product team will organize the delivery and install of your completed room. Our design team will curate accessory options and style your space to enhance and complete the look and make your home look picture perfect!

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