About Us

Hillary Kaplan and Miriam Silver Verga are all about finding the perfect balance in design. After careers in fashion design and interior design publishing they started M&H Design in 2011 to create authentic, unique spaces that speak to their clients’ individuality. Their approach as partners balances a room with carefully collected vintage pieces, custom items made for your living space by skilled artisans and affordable accessible items purposefully curated to reflect the homeowner’s style.

M&H believe that a home should reflect the diverse individuality that every family has, without comprising cohesion or elegance. It should tell a story—your story—and M&H pride themselves on uncovering the perfect details to create a space expressive of you and your family.

Your home, designed through our eyes, will be classic and at the same time current. Intimate moments are as well thought out and designed as grander spaces for gracious entertaining. The color palette will be clean but rich. Cool colors will adore the balance of their warm counterparts. It will be full of personality but not full of clutter. Stylistically it will be a juxtaposition of modern lines with warm and timeless elements. Most importantly, it will be a reflection of your best self.


Our Team


Miriam Silver Verga & Hillary Kaplan


Toni Deis

Lisa Dreissig


Samantha Hemsworth


Ashley Suen


Shannon Friedberg

Ilisa Knaul

Gail Nagy Marner

Ann Tallinder


Sandra Renshaw


Andrea Richman

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Our Firm

Our team is what sets us apart. Whether it's organizing deliveries to keep builds on track or managing the logistics for a large move and install, our team's commitment to teamwork, communication and incredible organization makes us a leader in the industry. We're experts in whole house transfers, whether local or abroad. If you are investing in a second home or rental property, we are VRBO award winning superhosts with a decade long knowledge of second home procurement, rental value and hosting tips.