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Timeless Elegance Meets Modern Luxury: Explore Our Great Gatsby-inspired Property

Experience timeless elegance with a touch of modern flair at our stunning property, resonating with the Great Gatsby vibe. Originally owned by a key contributor to the Empire State Building's construction, this home boasts a unique history, with leftover steel from the iconic skyscraper infused into its walls, preserving its heritage. Because of this, we were unable to make any adjustments to the walls or add any additional electrical. 

Indulge in spacious living, perfect for both entertaining and everyday life. The Living Room features a bespoke bar, complemented by contemporary art, reflecting the family's vibrant spirit.

Our meticulous renovations honor the property's architectural legacy, enhancing its old-world charm. While updating the Foyer floor, we preserved the Dining Room's classic ceiling. Highlighting the elegant wooden arched windows and retaining the majestic marble grand staircase, we've infused modern elements like plastered walls and textured lighting, creating a harmonious blend of tradition and sophistication.

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