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How We Avoid Change Orders

First of all, what is a change order? A change order is an amendment to a contract that changes the work. This is commonly used in construction for make more money for their business.

MIMI & HILL is here to help protect you from them.

Speed, cost and quality are the drivers to our design decisions and why we leveled up with one of our best M&H hires.

The plans our technical interior designer, Cornell University educated, Lauren makes are extremely detailed to avoid change orders to keep trades moving at all times. In fact, we hired her the minute she showed us how detailed her drawings were. And we’ve never looked back. She’s not just educated and talented, it would be hard to find a kinder soul.

The decisions and details are made beforehand to avoid any delays. It's this level of detail you and your trades will receive when working with MIMI & HILL.

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