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2024 Design On A Dime

We were honored to take part in Housing Works' 2024 Design on a Dime.

What is Housing Works?

Housing Works is the nation’s largest grassroots AIDS organization, as well as the largest developer of HIV/AIDS supportive housing. Its AIDS advocacy has global reach; taking the lead on national efforts to End AIDS as an Epidemic in the US ​

by 2030.

What is Design on a Dime?

At Design on a Dime, some of the nation's top interior designers curate vignettes, filled with high quality home decor. At the end of the event, the items are then eligible to be purchased at a discounted rate. All proceeds go towards Housing Works efforts.

Through the years, the Design on a Dime event has generated over $22 million to continue Housing Work's mission of providing lifesaving services. These services include providing healthcare and housing to New Yorkers affected by homelessness, HIV/AIDS and other chronic illnesses.

Inspiration for our vignette:

We were inspired by Hillary's new house in Upstate NY. Both of our parents started their life stories there. The area has a romantic draw for us. We were drawn to natural materials that invoke a sense of earth, materiality, and warmth. When it comes to Design on a Dime, we love Nicki, who runs it. We love the designer friends we have made along the way. The actual event is one of the most exhilarating events of the year as a shopper.

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