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30 Design Decisions Your MIMI & HILL Team Makes So that You Don't Have To

Life too busy to plan all of the details of your renovation? Have design paralysis from all of the options?

Let MIMI & HILL help you. We will handle all of the minor details that can significantly add up and become so daunting.

In this kitchen alone there are at least 30 decisions your interior designer will make for you:

  1. Paint colors

  2. Wall Treatments

  3. Beam Materials/Details

  4. Moulding Profile

  5. Door Profiles

  6. Floor Plan/Layout

  7. Furniture and Fabric Selections

  8. Nailhead or Trim Material for Furnishings

  9. Hardware Locations

  10. Hardware Selections

  11. Metal Finishes

  12. Outlet Locations

  13. Cabinetry Layout/Storage

  14. Cabinet Inserts

  15. Flooring Material/Stain Color

  16. Sconce Height

  17. Pendant/Sconce Locations

  18. Pendant Drop Height

  19. Radius of Arch

  20. Hood Material

  21. Plumbing Fixtures

  22. Tile Coursing

  23. Grout Color

  24. Depth/Height of Niches

  25. Countertop Seams

  26. Countertop Profile

  27. Countertop Edge

  28. Slab Material

  29. Island Stain Color

  30. Styling

Don’t become so overwhelmed that you can’t finish your project. Let us take that off of your plate.

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